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3 Pastoral Teams

3 Pastoral Teams

Crisis Response


This team is responsible for developing  community communication and crisis networking, coordinate master calendars, ombudsman, implement fundraisers, and mobilize activities.

Services include:


· Crisis Alert System

· Crisis Counseling Services

· Network Community Resources

· Community Caring on Call

· Community Economic Empowerment

We need the community and San Bernardino churches to join with us, and commit in assisting through prayer, your time, resources, and ongoing support. It’s going to take the entire body to work in unity and solidarity to bring revival, spiritual awakening to our community. God Bless You. Together we are strong!

Community Engagement


This team is responsible for coordinating programs with the police department adopt a cop, addressing police brutality or un-just policing, assisting to resolve black on black, brown on brown, black on brown crime, political issues.

Services include:


· Community Liaison - Law enforcement

· Adopt a Community

· Adopt a School – Youth mentorship

· Town Hall meetings

· Conduct training, seminars to empower

· Political Action Committee

· Voter Education

Matt 11:28

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden”

Isaiah 1:18

“Come now let us reason together”

Civic Engagement


This team is responsible for developing short term and long term community outreach, spiritual strongholds, organizing quarterly unity services, immediate response to terror and emergency support services.

Services include:


· Community Block Party         

· Community Rallies & Walk for Peace

· Community Unification, strengthen CBO

· Community Worship Services                                                            


SB Pastors United is concerned about restoring God’s people through using the gospel message to win those who are lost or need help. We are believing God to have other churches join with us and assist the residence in the City of San Bernardino, and help unite the community. As we work in solidarity through our corporate efforts, a stronger impact is made and more families are served. The community will see the love shown; then we can build relationships and bridge gaps causing healing, change and progress. Amen

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