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Our mission is to UNITE concerned Pastors, to impact the economic, social and spiritual condition of the City of San Bernardino through healing, change and progress.


Our objectives are to develop safer communities by strengthening relationships between the community residents, the church and law enforcement agencies, through networking resources with community partners for the purpose of bringing healing, change and progress.

On September 17, 2016  SB Pastors United served over 3000 residence at La Placita Park in San Bernardino. A major impact on the residence, free shoes, families feed, groceries given away, lives were changed. Each month Pastors meet to strategize to expand services.


The San Bernardino Pastors have been working hard to empower ALL clergies which will assist them to strengthen the community one person at a time. Together by developing partnerships with law enforcement, government agencies, community organizations, we create programs within our communities to combat crime, and help the poor, strengthening our education system for the under-served population, engage the police and other law-enforcement agencies to help create better strategies for the safety of our people.

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